Let’s Celebrate!

One Christmas in Color, two-holiday parties, three great presents, four fun team members, and five golden smiles made this holiday season bright. Strung together like a strand of lights on the Christmas tree, this season’s events were brilliant and beautiful. Our hearts are full of love for our friends and family. Perhaps our appreciation is

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Simple, Basic, Fun Ways to Win Back our Happiness.

Simple Sometimes it is so simple—a win for a beleaguered and treasured football team and a Halloween party. In these moments, we step back into traditions to reclaim our future by being present in the moment. For Mikelle, her brother, and his family, Sunday’s Bronco football team win in London renewed their hopes for a

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Spring Time Strategies for Self-Care.

Hello Beautiful! Spring is sprouting here in the Rocky Mountain area. Daffodils and forsythia burst with bright yellows, fragrant pink and purple hyacinths delight us as we walk the neighborhood. After that wild March Madness, we hope that we can share our Springtime Strategies for coping and self-care in a world of constant change.  We

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