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Writing an Ad that Works.

Writing an ad that attracts the right people to work with your family member who experiences a disability. Choosing a title, using keywords can both differentiate your ad from all the others seeking help, it can also attract the right people who want to work for the right reasons. Here is the link to the

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Can You Speak Mikelle?

Get TechFit and TechStrong. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Areas in life, once strong become weak. It was a gradual weakening, one we didn’t notice until it was obvious. Mikelle’s voice was growing quieter. The digital voice we had become so accustomed to was increasing silent as she began to rely on

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Sometimes Love is Letting Go

DisAbility sends a family racing towards a destiny no one is ever prepared to have.  Our lives cross over the line of “normal” into the land of special.  The terrain is beautiful, mountainous and rarely peaceful. As a result, we grow protective and try to shield our family member from the dangers of life living

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Wonder Wheels. Hello, Beautiful.

Wonder wheels mean accessible transportation to Mikelle.  One becomes attached to an aging minivan for the vehicle equates to freedom. For the last seven years,  “Silver Bullet” represented independence . We adopted the name because Mikelle loves darting all over town. Many drives drives ended in a afternoon trip to Washington Park to watch the ducks and geese float on

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Mikelle, Massage and Martie

By Taylor Mason and Katherine Carol Three times a week, Taylor receives this message. “Where are we meeting today?” “Cheeseman?” “How about Starbucks on  Colfax?” She replies. “Sounds good. See you at 10:30.”  Is the answer. Three times a week Martie and Taylor (or Martie and one of Mikelle’s other support team) have this conversation.

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Inspiring and Energy…finding your spirit in the arts.

Life can be challenging. Life with a disability can be overwhelming. Each day has the potential to be an uphill battle, whether psychological or physical, it can be painful and discouraging.  We all desire a happy, pain-free, and H.O.P.E. filled life with rich meaning and contribution. Despite our difficulties, we need to choose each day

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Are you a “Prepper”?

I had the phone pinned against my ear talking to a friend while making Mikelle’s bed, sweeping the floor and reining in the morning chaos.  Mikelle’s VCR/TV played in the background. The Today Show typically brought light morning news and entertainment more like background noise on this sunny morning. That is until Katie Couric announced

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