Feeling Out of Balance?

Whoa! Does the world appear to be a little off-balance these days or what? Let’s be real. Most of what we knew growing up no longer exists. Wishing we could go back to what appeared to be stable and predictable isn’t going to help you cope with a quickly changing world. 

We see daily life change every day. The quiet moments shorten, the long days lengthen and the friends we used to spend time chatting with over a cup of tea or coffee are reduced to a few quick posts on Facebook or Instagram. Everything seems to happen in news bites, 240 characters, or “Likes.”

With the holidays approaching, I thought it was time to revisit the idea of finding balance in a chaotic world. We have to create space for us and find the eye of the storm and move with it until it fades. In other words, we need to keep our balance and avoid getting caught up in the dramas surrounding us. 

Balance equals power.

Balance requires strength and focus.

As our world transforms, flexibility and nimbleness allow us to be adept in our response, whatever change comes our way. 

Each time we engage with the unknown, we grow stronger. We practice, we gain experience and wisdom in embracing our changing world.

As we strengthen gaining balance, we become keep observers. We grow alert and more determined. We have to manage circumstances that could be out of our control.

The pace of life and the frequency can be overwhelming, it is perhaps the biggest threat to our stability. 

Having a clear and meaningful vision is the point of balance and is tremendously beneficial. Learning to be comfortable with “not knowing” is essential. It just to difficult to know everything nowadays.  

Go forth with caution when you are tempted to judge yourself harshly. Self-criticism is a sure way to knock you off balance.

What is done is done. Time to move on.

Coping with a new way of living takes practice and patience. Be kind to yourself as you navigate unchartered territory. 

Here are ideas for finding balance.

  1. Boldness. Be bold.
  2. Authenticity. Be authentic. Don’t fake it.
  3. Love. Be love, allow love.
  4. Action. Take action.
  5. Non-judgment. Listen, observe, and try to understand.
  6. Calm. Breathe. Center. Learn the facts. Negotiate.
  7. Energy. Focus. Engage. Surround yourself with good people.