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Holiday Harmony

Many of you, who came of age in the 1970s like me, remember being inspired by a television commercial. It was a Coca Cola commercial, where a lighted candle appears on the screen, and we see a young, beautiful woman singing, “I’d Like the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony,” the camera pans out. We […]

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Holiday Blessings

Bless our hearts.  The heart, our capable and vigorous organ pumps our life force throughout our body. It pumps while we wake, slumber, worry, laugh, hug, quarrel, growl at traffic, touch a lover’s hand, sip hot coffee, savor a mint julep, or a tangy sassy margarita. As Christmas approaches, our hearts are focused on family,

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Writing an Ad that Works.

Writing an ad that attracts the right people to work with your family member who experiences a disability. Choosing a title, using keywords can both differentiate your ad from all the others seeking help, it can also attract the right people who want to work for the right reasons. Here is the link to the

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Sometimes Love is Letting Go

DisAbility sends a family racing towards a destiny no one is ever prepared to have.  Our lives cross over the line of “normal” into the land of special.  The terrain is beautiful, mountainous and rarely peaceful. As a result, we grow protective and try to shield our family member from the dangers of life living

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What will this New Year Bring?

Mikelle, Taylor and I boxed up the last of the holiday decorations and sighed. Another year has passed, a somewhat challenging year at that. What will this year bring? A stutter or a stop? Shall we resolve or maybe we are just simply full of irresolution. What about you? Has your New Year started with

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Mikelle, Massage and Martie

By Taylor Mason and Katherine Carol Three times a week, Taylor receives this message. “Where are we meeting today?” “Cheeseman?” “How about Starbucks on  Colfax?” She replies. “Sounds good. See you at 10:30.”  Is the answer. Three times a week Martie and Taylor (or Martie and one of Mikelle’s other support team) have this conversation.

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