Holiday Harmony

Many of you, who came of age in the 1970s like me, remember being inspired by a television commercial. It was a Coca Cola commercial, where a lighted candle appears on the screen, and we see a young, beautiful woman singing, “I’d Like the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony,” the camera pans out. We […]

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Writing an Ad that Works.

Writing an ad that attracts the right people to work with your family member who experiences a disability. Choosing a title, using keywords can both differentiate your ad from all the others seeking help, it can also attract the right people who want to work for the right reasons. Here is the link to the

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Cool Ideas for Getting TechFit.

The dog days of summer have arrived.  Hot, humid days cling to the ground where fireworks fizzled just a few short weeks ago. The barbeque has cooled, and there just isn’t is ever enough ice tea—sweet or unsweet.  The family dog is either under the air conditioner or panting from the heat under the old

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Can You Speak Mikelle?

Get TechFit and TechStrong. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Areas in life, once strong become weak. It was a gradual weakening, one we didn’t notice until it was obvious. Mikelle’s voice was growing quieter. The digital voice we had become so accustomed to was increasing silent as she began to rely on

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How Do Parents Teach Self-Determination?

As a young mom, I recall Mikelle’s sweet stretched out yawns, her gentle infant coos and the terrible fear of the dreaded baby swing that threw her into a startle so severe she thought she would fall to the ground. I remember the many attempts to help her learn to sit. Valiantly, we attempted to

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What will this New Year Bring?

Mikelle, Taylor and I boxed up the last of the holiday decorations and sighed. Another year has passed, a somewhat challenging year at that. What will this year bring? A stutter or a stop? Shall we resolve or maybe we are just simply full of irresolution. What about you? Has your New Year started with

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Are you a “Prepper”?

I had the phone pinned against my ear talking to a friend while making Mikelle’s bed, sweeping the floor and reining in the morning chaos.  Mikelle’s VCR/TV played in the background. The Today Show typically brought light morning news and entertainment more like background noise on this sunny morning. That is until Katie Couric announced

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