Welcome, Sunshine!

Why is it important to announce a new team member?

For one thing, we love to share the sunshine in our lives! Take a look, Salena radiates love and fun, doesn’t she?

We offer tips and tricks to everyday life with a disability that can show others in search of ideas and good vibes on how we create a meaningful life with Mikelle. We hope after all these years, our information is helpful to you.

Our podcasts and blogs highlight life with a disability and how it can shine beautiful, which is why we want you to meet our team. Our introductions also provide us with an opportunity to share with you how we find our great folks and what skills and experience they bring to Mikelle’s team.

Our introductions allow our team members, readers, and podcast listeners to understand what exactly our new folks bring to our Shining Beautiful Community.

Purposely, we hire ladies with different and distinct life experiences. Each one of them brings new vitality to the team and expose Mikelle to exciting ways to experience the world with each of these ladies.

When we make hiring decisions, we check out their background, work experience, education, and skills. These are critically important, and so is attitude, personality, and a sense of respect and responsibility. All in all, talking and writing it out creates positive expectations and understanding of what it takes to be a valued part of Mikelle’s Shining Beautiful community.

We have found showing this level of respect facilitates the retention of our team members. How wonderful it is to acknowledge our team members’ contributions. Everyone likes a little recognition.

Today we want to introduce you to Salena. Salena comes to us via our famous craigslist ad. You know the one where we state, “Must love Gilmore Girls and Coffee.” Yes, those six words get women like Salena’s attention, helping us stand apart from the others who are looking for “home health care aides.” And, there are many of those ads on Craigslist and other online job sites.

Before coming to us, Salena worked as a nanny for a young family. She has traveled far and wide before settling in Denver. She happens to live walking distance from down from Mikelle. How convenient, right?

Salena brings an incredible multicultural and artistic knowledge to our team. Salena is a glass artist and uses upcycled products to produce one of a kind glass etchings.

Salena works concert events with her boyfriend and keeps us up-to-date on the music scene. Speaking of Marie has a passion for people, social justice, and spiritual growth.

Welcome to the Shining Beautiful Community, Selena!