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Our Mission

The Shining Beautiful Series mission is to inform, inspire, motivate and guide families and individuals with a disability or other barriers to creating brilliant communities of support through the use of technology, access to experts in the field and through stories of everyday life.

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Get practical advice on issues related to living with a disability from a family point of view.

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Check out how the promise of technology and the warmth of storytelling inspire viewers to shine beautiful in their own lives.


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Building an Empowered Special Needs Community

There are ways to succeed, using technology, with a disability. We are building a community of special needs doers who are changing the world, one step at a time.

Our Vision

The vision of The Shining Beautiful Series is for people with disabilities to have a rich and meaningful life with full access to needed resources and technology which leads to social and economic prosperity.

“If you doubt anything, doubt your limits.”

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