Mikelle and I feel compelled to write about life with a disability, not just the challenges but the opportunities, the friendships, the innovations, and the brilliance of our communities in action as we share our everyday life living with a disability. With a little more information, motivation, we hope to share how our life is shining beautiful and maybe help you to shine beautiful, too.

Shining Beautiful at 40!

  A Beautiful Gift Arrives In the fall of 1983, I lived in a nice-sized three-bedroom home in a southwestern suburb of Denver. My father,

The Big Wheelchair Debate

Community Connects at Eye Level We all desire a certain amount of control over our lives in what we eat, where we go, and who

A steam cup of coffee in the middle of a kitchen table.

Part Two: What is Next?

Doubt Nagging doubt and uncertainty have replaced my fear. Yet, I know I am not alone as I share a cup of coffee with the

Where is the Exit Ramp?

What are the Options? Like many mothers my age, I am at the dark end of a blind alleyway looking for the exit ramp from

Let’s Celebrate!

One Christmas in Color, two-holiday parties, three great presents, four fun team members, and five golden smiles made this holiday season bright. Strung together like