Mikelle and I feel compelled to write about life with a disability, not just the challenges but the opportunities, the friendships, the innovations, and the brilliance of our communities in action as we share our everyday life living with a disability. With a little more information, motivation, we hope to share how our life is shining beautiful and maybe help you to shine beautiful, too.

Sunshine in Winter

  In the heart of winter lies February, the month of love. For us, it has been about romantic love for the pandemic that has

Once Upon Tomorrow

Once upon tomorrow, will there be rainbows?  What colors will we see? Where will the yellow brick road lead?  And, what will life be like

Birthdays, Community and COVID

Typically, each year we celebrate Mikelle’s birthday at Cheeseman Park. We have been doing this for so long I actually can’t think of the last

Change and ResponsAbilty

Change – the pace of change is real! None of us could have planned for COVID, protests, economic challenges, job loss, and alteration in services

Wait! What Happened to Our Community?

Creating Community in the Time of Social Distancing.   Mikelle looks longing out our second-story window reminiscing about the days when her routine included a