What will this New Year Bring?

Mikelle, Taylor and I boxed up the last of the holiday decorations and sighed. Another year has passed, a somewhat challenging year at that. What will this year bring? A stutter or a stop? Shall we resolve or maybe we are just simply full of irresolution.
What about you? Has your New Year started with a stutter or a stop? Are you feeling more doubt and uncertainty that resolve?

We fill out each month’s calendar. We know Taylor will be slipping away into nursing school this month and as her presence ebbs, Danika’s and Megan’s flow. The waves of time and change are washing up on our heart’s shores.
As of now, our 2018 2018 Calendar white, blank pages lay before us like a snowfield unfettered by footprints.
Winter’s icy grip knocks on our front door. How about you?

This year after years of lifting barbells of effort and determination, we are considering letting the warmth of freedom pry us from the frail grip of making New Year’s resolutions. Our goal is not to have goals. Forget the goals to lose weight, save money and exercise more.

Instead, we are taking time to be mindless, instead choosing to shift through the kernels of time in silence and come back to still waters.

We invite you to join us and embrace your confusion, let hesitation take center stage in your life and become the audience in your own miraculous life.

We are finding time on Saturday afternoons to sit in the living room crunching on popcorn and watching movies. Our lack of determination gives us time to taste the smoky sweetness of barbeque ribs, sip on another cup of coffee, right, Mikelle?

We step outside and walk among the tall pine trees breathing in their freshness and watch how they move and learn how they endure cold winds and how they reach for the sun. 

Each of us looks into the darkness of a lonely winter’s night standing under Orion’s Belt feeling For a brief nature’s wonder realizing without any resolutions we are part of it all.

Yes, logic does urge we need to be the author of our plan. And, we agree, a written plan is robust. The heart always makes the plan work. Without it, it is just a “to-do” list.

So for now, we choose to lose the logic. Tap into our intuition. Say a prayer and wait for the answer.

Winter’s frozen grasp will soon loosen, our hearts will grow full of possibilities. For now, we tend to love’s garden and see what will bloom this spring.