Mom’s Summer Vacation

Mom’s Summer Vacation


Every summer my mom, Katherine Carol, hops on a plane and travels to the Dominican Republic (DR) for two weeks. It’s her chance to take a nice sunny break from our hectic everyday life. When she’s gone all my girls rally together to make sure I have everything I need. We scramble to make sure every hour is covered, that all my groceries get bought, that every possible moment is filled with activity and Starbucks. I know they’ve got my back.

Last summer we came across a few issues and gaps in my care when mom was gone. I had several Not So Good Days. My seizures increased and the girls weren’t communicating like they should have been. Thanks to my brother Kasey and the girls we were able to come up with a better system. We made logs and charts to track my eating habits, my bathroom habits, even my seizures. After a few days things started to get back to normal. I was rockin’ and rollin’ like myself again.

This summer, as mom flew out to soak up the sun and sandy beaches, I had my girls. It was a good couple of weeks. We went for long drives, grocery store trips and they made sure that everyday I got my coffee frappe from Starbucks. While our system isn’t perfect, it works pretty well. My girls had everything covered! We learned a lot last summer and were able to really enjoy this mom-free time. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy when she got home but it’s nice to know I don’t need her around all the time.

I love my mom and I love my girls. I am ready for summer and for my own vacation! It’s time for Mikelle to soak up some sun and Shine Beautiful.