A Tale of Two Celebrations: Mikelle’s Memorable Birthday Bash

Celebrating Mikelle’s Birthday in the Shadows of Her Grandma’s Home

This summer, Mikelle celebrated her birthday at the home of her brother Kasey and his wife Allison, once her beloved Grandma’s house for sixty-two years. Although it marked the second birthday without her Grandma, gathering friends in the revitalized backyard breathed new life into the celebration. Kasey and Allison had transformed the space, making Grandma’s presence palpable among the rose gardens, beneath the crabapple trees, and across the rolling hills of her backyard.

The Place We All Share

Kasey and Allison took the initiative to host the celebration in their recently renovated backyard, which is now a picturesque setting straight out of an HGTV show. The backyard features a porch swing, a plush couch, and a cozy fire pit.Family is gathered under a tree.

Organizing Mikelle’s Birthday

This year, organizing Mikelle’s birthday proved exceptionally challenging. All the women who worked with her were eager to join the celebration, but finding a date that suited everyone pushed the party to two weeks before her actual birthday. Friends and family are traveling, making up for all that time they couldn’t. It was a smaller gathering than in the past, but it was just as much fun!

Happy Birthday

On June 15th, we gathered for a light Italian picnic to celebrate Mikelle. She is a remarkable woman who has profoundly impacted all our lives and inspired us to be better people. At first, conversations among the friends, some dating back over 15 years, started hesitantly. However, as the wine flowed and we savored the food, the familiar warmth and ease returned, fostering laughter and plenty of hugsTwo young men drinking beer in the backyard in summer.


I realized that Mikelle’s celebrations are more than just gatherings. They are essential rituals that sustain and nourish her community. In a world where uncertainty lingers, and conflicts persist, it’s even more crucial to come together to celebrate Mikelle and each other, supporting one another to shine beautifully in the face of uncertainty.Woman in wheelchair speaking with two of her friends on a patio.