Let’s Celebrate!

One Christmas in Color, two-holiday parties, three great presents, four fun team members, and five golden smiles made this holiday season bright.

Strung together like a strand of lights on the Christmas tree, this season’s events were brilliant and beautiful. Our hearts are full of love for our friends and family. Perhaps our appreciation is even stronger after the initial Covid lockdown. But, unfortunately, that nasty little virus is still hanging around with its RSV and Flue pals, which keep us on the cautious side of celebrating. 

This year’s Christmas party was more like a Bronco game/holiday party/open house, beginning at the kick-off at Mile High Stadium at Empower field. Mikelle had trouble picking out her attire for the event. Would it be the traditional red and green sweaters or the bright orange Bronco sweatshirt? The Bronco sweatshirt won out, and it was a good thing. Her brother and nephew arrived at the party; all decked out in their favorite Bronco jerseys. Mikelle’s greatest gift of the night was having her brother, Kasey, and nephew Jack to herself and watching the Broncos finally play well and win big.

Soon after the game ended, her brother and family left. Then, no more than fifteen minutes after the door closed, it opened again with the arrival of Ian and his lovely family. Ian’s daughter, Keaton, and his wife, Kristin, brought their cheer and love of dance to the party. Keaton is a very sophisticated six-year-old who loves to “tango dance” with me. Laughter was the drumbeat of our personal Christmas song of enduring friendship. 

A few days after the party Mikelle, two of her teammates, and I climbed into the van and headed for Christmas in Color in Federal Heights. My expectations of the drive-thru animated light show were low, but I was blown away by this perfect way to enjoy the holiday lights. Cars entered one at a time. No crying children or rude adults, just laughter and holiday music filled the air. We had all the heat we needed on a cold winter’s night, and Mikelle’s smile was just as bright as those lights. The journey through the tunnel of lights flipped her childhood wonder back on, and suddenly, the holidays felt safe and pure once again. 

We hope you had a safe holiday where the goodness of people filled your hearts with love—celebrating you this holiday season.