The Shining Beautiful Series

Spring Time Strategies for Self-Care.

Hello Beautiful! Spring is sprouting here in the Rocky Mountain area. Daffodils and forsythia burst with bright yellows, fragrant pink and purple hyacinths delight us as we walk the neighborhood. After that wild March Madness, we hope that we can share our Springtime Strategies for coping and self-care in a world of constant change.  We

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Are We Doomed?

Part Two   Exhaustion Sets In In last month’s blog post, Mikelle and I lamented that we are still in the middle of a staffing crisis ourselves. Since then, I have met with other parents experiencing some version of this crisis in their own families. Compounding our situation are life challenges like parental surgeries and

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Rethinking, Reimagining, and Resolved to be Resilient.

We at the Shining Beautiful Series are rethinking our entire way of providing support for Mikelle to define a new and vibrant rhythm to life in a world that changes daily. Over the years, we have engineered, refined, and established a remarkable way of supporting Mikelle, effectively maximizing her self-determination and control over her life.

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Birthdays, Community and COVID

Typically, each year we celebrate Mikelle’s birthday at Cheeseman Park. We have been doing this for so long I actually can’t think of the last time we didn’t celebrate there. We celebrated her 29th birthday when the temperature roared by 105 degrees. We celebrated in down coats and gloves with rain drizzles in 59 degrees

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Holiday Harmony

Many of you, who came of age in the 1970s like me, remember being inspired by a television commercial. It was a Coca Cola commercial, where a lighted candle appears on the screen, and we see a young, beautiful woman singing, “I’d Like the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony,” the camera pans out. We

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The Spirit of Christmas Shines Beautiful at Our Home

The ornaments are up on the tree, the garland glitters, and the string of lights twinkle like stars in the night. A mound of wrapping paper is stacked next to gifts not yet wrapped. The sacred holiday nears. Packages arrive on doorsteps with the wish that not a single porch pirate dare steal the joy

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Mikelle, Massage and Martie

By Taylor Mason and Katherine Carol Three times a week, Taylor receives this message. “Where are we meeting today?” “Cheeseman?” “How about Starbucks on  Colfax?” She replies. “Sounds good. See you at 10:30.”  Is the answer. Three times a week Martie and Taylor (or Martie and one of Mikelle’s other support team) have this conversation.

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