Happy New Year? Will 2022 be Better? The 120 Day Challenge.

Well…..2021 was quite the year. Right?

After all the food has been eaten, parties have been partied and resolutions have been made it is finally time to step back and take a breather. The holidays were stressful, there’s no doubt, but they also brought a certain cheer to all who celebrate were able to gather around the Christmas Tree. We made it.  Perhaps, not unscathed but we made it.

The sun continues to rise and with it hope and the question of what is next?

If you celebrated this season with a loved one who has a disability then you know the challenges that seem to crop up at every corner. Staffing shortages, mask mandates, vaccines, boosters, and a news cycle that has a surprise a minute it seems.

Keeping your loved one happy and healthy and yourself during this time seems to be even more challenging than usual. A choice point has arrived for us as families with special needs. We can fear the future or understand it is changing. Change ignites creativity like the rocket fuel that sends a billionaire into space.

Creativity comes from chaos and to ignite that rocket fuel it needs a good dose of fun. That can come from baking a cake, dancing to your favorite music, or even from what we are doing right now.

The 120 Day Challenge.

One person needs to start the challenge.  Not everyone will join you. I was working with Mikelle’s and my yoga/gymnastic coach, Keely Knack on my handstands.  A few years ago, Keely challenged herself in January to do 120 days of handstands in a new part of the city.  Every day, sometimes even just before bed she would find a unique location to do a handstand. Setting the timer on her smartphone then located it in a great spot to capture the moment. When her birthday arrived four months later, she claimed a new habit and skill.

While my handstands are coming along, I wasn’t ready for a public display. Therefore, I decided to read a chapter of a book a day with the hopes of reigniting my love of reading and picking up my pencil, and starting drawing, even it was just a line of a circle.  I was getting in a rut even though I had plenty of challenges and problems to solve.  I needed some new habits. 

The Future is Uncertain

And, learning simple new habits does have to be uncertain. With one book almost read and a book full of drawings and now sketches, I am learning again.  Learning leads to creativity, a new perspective, and a sense of accomplishment. It also fans the artist flames of others. One of the team members decided to join the effort and is doing her art again. Mealtime has taken on a more festive effort as Mikelle joins in to assist–a new habit for her. Others team members are inspired and pondering what new habit they want to develop this year.

Goals are tough to define when the world changes every day, but a simple goal of drawing a line or reading a chapter can be accomplished. Who knows where it will lead?  Who cares if you enjoy it!

Finally, may you have happy times, good friends, and success each and every day this year. Make it the best year it can possibly be and always remember to Shine Beautifully!