Back to the Future, Part 2. Circling the Wagons.


If you read last month’s blog post, we discussed that it is best to circle the wagons in times of uncertainty. This month we are writing about one of the wagons.

Person-Centered Planning, Group Action Planning, H.O.P.E. Teams are some of the wagons. Regrouping. Looking at resources, assessing challenges, defining what is unique about this period are savvy strategies for business and us. Bringing together trusted advisors, friends, and family to help us brainstorm solutions is essential to addressing this Covid, labor shortage world we live in as families. Like it or not, we have much in common with business. And, too often, we try to go it alone. Like business, we need to consult with our own board of directors and its senior management team, family, friends, and trusted advisors.

Think about it, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars from various programs like Section 8, Vocational Rehabilitation, Medicaid Waivers, and the like come together in a bowl of complicated financial soup. Yet, lifetime support for a person with disabilities is spent supporting a person to live a healthy and meaningful life. So why would we choose to do this alone?

Uncertainty requires strategy and a plan. Of course, the plan may change due to unforeseen circumstances and opportunities. Still, it sets the direction for advocating for what you want to take rather than waiting for others to determine our future.

Wouldn’t it be wise to focus on your family member’s desires, goals, strengths, and gifts like a business focusing on its product, production, and marketing? This process equates to an organizational “vision statement.” Taking time to vision the future is critical regardless if you are a person or a business.

Unfortunately, many businesses and people with disabilities are not good at visioning, especially during turbulent times. The typical vision is survival or recouping the past. However, Mikelle and I have found that having solid and bold future goals is obtainable when bringing in our team. Our vision is a healthy, purposeful life rich with new and positive opportunities for growth and learning for both of us.

Once your vision is clear, you and your team can set forth the “mission” to support the dream/vision.

Mikelle and I, in partnership with our family, friends, and team members every five years or so, re-evaluate our big goals, rethink and reset our efforts.

This year as we try to emerge from the transformational grip of the pandemic in what now appears to be fits and starts, it is essential to take a fresh look at everything. I mean everything. We are in the process of looking at finances, how we recruit support, what my role is in Mikelle’s life, where is the best place to live, what does work for like for both of us, etc.

Join us next month to see just how we conduct our own version of business S.W.O.T. analysis. (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunites, and Threats.)