Once Upon Tomorrow

Once upon tomorrow, will there be rainbows?  What colors will we see? Where will the yellow brick road lead?  And, what will life be like in the Emerald City?

It is difficult to know on this cloudy January day.  The news is not good. COVID AND CAPITOL BREACH streams across the bottom of new programs popping up on my newsfeed and laptop computer. Sitting in my small office at my tiny desk, I ponder the new reality of a transforming world from a unique vantage point. The wisdom to know what I don’t know.

Mikelle and I are stepping out of the last two decades of youth and middle age.  Mikelle is approaching forty years old, and I catch the scent of seventy floating on a winter’s breeze.  A few years before the calendar turns, encapsulated in our COVID chrysalis,  we are no longer 20th Century caterpillars, but not yet 21st Century butterflies.  We are kind of a mushy mess as our cells reorganize, alchemize, and finalize our new being.

During this period of physical and metaphysical transformation, the colors of life are both brilliant and blurred in chaotic confusion as our future finds its new footing on the road to the roaring 2020s. We feel alone in figure out our sojourn together.  We have no roadmap for the future, only a desire to be happy.

Our recent encounter with COVID shed light on the fragility of how we live each day. We have successfully created a unique and wondrous life.  Our life has been a beautiful flower, and now it feels like a once waning radiant bloom instead of an evergreen life.

Tomorrow’s vision vaguely in the COVID quarantine clouded fog of my crystal ball is hard to make out.  My eyes strain to see the way. I now understand our way of life has limits. The safety net full of holes. What if Mikelle had COVID or I became ill?  Who would care for us?

Fortunately, we have a few years to figure out how we spend our mature years.  Eventually, a new way of living is needed. I want an evergreen life, sturdy and robust, protective and regal, a home for the heart, a place for the soul, somewhere over the rainbow Mikelle and I live in the Emerald City on the hill, or by the sea, or next to a lake.

Once upon tomorrow, once upon tomorrow…