The Purse Diva Acquires New Shopping Strategies During Lockdown

Mikelle’s inner fashionista is frustrated!  One of Mikelle’s loves in life is Mikelle’s is purse shopping.

Typically, just after coffee and before Gilmore Girls, Mikelle reaches for her iPad.  Her long finger scrolls through the pages until she finds her Visual Scheduler app. As Mikelle lists the various activities she wants to engage with during the day, she often types in purse shopping at the top, choosing a time and marking it with a purse icon indicating that she has a distinctive mission for the day.

Most often, she will snag Salena, who loves to shop at a thrift shop or go to the mall to pick out a new one to take her shopping. Once in the store, she is quite a thoughtful shopper. She’s very thorough in her search too. She carefully examines all of her choices, sometimes multiple times, before deciding on what she wants. Her collection has grown so much that we’ve had to start getting rid of one every time we go pick out another. For Mikelle, it’s the thrill of the hunt, the joy of picking out something pleasing to her eye and fun to show off.

But…..we are living in the time of social distancing and lockdown.  So?  That doesn’t change the need for purse shopping for Mikelle!  The girls and I had to get creative and instructive.  We had to introduce online shopping to Mikelle.  And I have to tell you, and she LOVES it.  Her finger can scroll away on Etsy to her hearts’ delight often for an hour or two.  Both Mary Ann and Salena have been instrumental in helping her find her newest obsession–the fanny pack.

She has a Bronco bag, a white one with tropical everything over it, and even had one she had to send back because they sent the wrong one.  Mikelle has learned patience as now she hunts and captures that newest acquisition.  She checks her calendar daily, sometimes several times a day now.  When a delivery truck arrives at the front our building she had to go to the mailroom and search for her package.  When the package finally arrives, it is like Christmas as she celebrates her delight–loudly!

A successful hunt has been completed.