How is Employment First Down Under?

Here at Shining Beautiful, we advocate for employment for people with disabilities.  Mikelle has been working in some form or fashion since she was sixteen years old.  In the very near future, Mikelle and I are starting a podcast featuring interviews and discussions with advocates, employment specialists, thought leaders and whoever we find interesting. 

Colorado is moving forward in revitalizing our employment efforts for people with disabilities through our legislatively mandated Employment First Advisory Partnership, where my colleague Bob Lawhead, Policy Analyst for the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council and I share responsibilities as co-chairs. As this work unfolds, it is helpful to share new perspectives on both supported and customized employment. 

Recently, I had the good fortune of speaking with Peter Smith from the Centre for Disability Research and Employment Practice. Peter and I met two years ago at the Griffin Hammis & Associates (GHA) annual Best Go West Rendezvous in Idaho. The Lochsa Lodge offers are the relaxed setting for world-class employment practitioners and leaders to share ideas, brainstorm and review best practices.

Peter and I found our conversations to be exceptional. For me, Peter’s emphasis on parental involvement in the Discovery Process to be aligned with the work at GHA, which provided the impetus for Mikelle’s early employment gains. So it with great excitement Mikelle and I invite you to learn how the folks from “Down Under do Employment First.”