Target on target.

Target on Target.

A guest blog for the Shining Beautiful Series by Taylor Mason.

Lately, Mikelle and her girls have been spending more and more time in the wide, red-accented aisles of Target. We’ve come to appreciate those aisles for their width and the ease in which Mikelle is able to navigate herself in them. Target has become our main shopping destination for a number of reasons; number one being its easy accessibility.

If more stores took the time to:

  • add extra handicap parking spots,
  • widen their aisles,
  • and open up their bathroom layouts like Target.

Then, perhaps we would spend more time there. If you are thinking to yourself, “Well what about Walmart? They’re huge.” We have an answer for that. Think about the Walmart bathrooms and how you have to walk through that little bend to get inside. That little bend makes it very difficult to get in and out easily. Their bathrooms also have fewer stalls which create more lines and takes away from potential wheelchair space. You are much more likely to find an open handicap stall in a Target than in a Walmart. 

The second reason we love Target is that of its dollar section right by the front door.

There’s always something new that Mikelle has to have. Whether its pairs of cute, seasonal socks or a new throw pillow for her bed, we can always find something to please the picky Ms. Mikelle. The dollar section is also (usually) close to the purse sections.

*Cue Mikelle’s excited laugh* You can’t go to target with our Mikelle without at least stopping by the purse section! Section after section, season after season, we are refreshed and excited by shopping at Target. Shoes, purses, and little goodies keep us going back time and time again with always the promise of a good trip.

We’ve since given up on the indoor malls because the stores are too tight for Mikelle to drive through.

We’ve lost faith in the 16th Street Mall because most stores are either inaccessible or too crowded to bother with. We’ve abandoned strip malls with the ever present Ross or Marshalls because we are never successful shopping for her there.

All of us gals who spend any amount of time with the feisty Mikelle have come across some shopping frustration. Whether it’s trying to maneuver her through tightly packed aisles, knocking products over with a swift change of direction, or trying to argue Mikelle out of a ridiculous purse purchase because it is way too expensive. Shopping trips are always interesting.

Yes, Target has become something of a home away from home for us. Any one of us is up for a Target run at any day or time. Especially Mikelle. Who could blame her? A woman with a love for shopping at Target is not big news and Mikelle is a woman like any other.

So we’d like to say a big ‘Thank You!’ to Target for their ingenious store layout, alluring products, and most especially for making our shopping trips with Mikelle a relief instead of a battle.

(Photos used from Google images search and Target Corporation.)