Duffy Roll Delight

By Taylor Mason, Mikelle Learned and Katherine Carol

This month has been jam packed with busy schedules, drive through Starbucks visits, meeting with friends over a quick meal, and hasty grocery store visits. Being the shortest month of the year, February has a tendency to feel cramped. Especially when we all have a million things to do. Even Mikelle is struggling to fit in everything she wants to do into each day. Saturdays at her nephew’s basketball games, Sunday’s cleaning up the apartment, Mondays running errands, so on and so forth… with every day also a  laundry day. We even try to fit in the many birthday celebrations that happen throughout the month. We rush and hurry and speed everything up in order to fit everything in and we begin to lose sight of what it is that we are working for.

In the wee hours of the morning, at the Shining Beautiful household, we dance the flight of the bumblebee. Cleaning up leftover dishes, starting the first load of laundry, getting Mikelle up, starting her breakfast, and making coffee. It is an hour or two before things start to settle down and we begin to organize for the day. It is between this first bumblebee flight and the next that we girls take a moment to still ourselves. We gather around the couch with our cups of coffee and the news or Gilmore Girls, and we spend a few minutes quiet and together.

This particular chilly morning we have included a few warmed up mini Duffey rolls. They are a sweet treat that is usually not present in our morning ritual. It adds something special to our short time of peace. A few more minutes here to warm them and settle down and a few more minutes there to silently eat and enjoy them. With the hectic schedule we have been working so hard to maintain we are especially grateful for this moment to reflect.

So we would like to take another quiet, serene moment to reach out to you and ask if you have had your Duffey roll moment today? It may be a hot cup of tea or a few moments just watching the sun rise. We hope that you can share in this small relaxation with us.

Don’t forget to Shine Beautiful!