Getting Down with the Gilmore Girls


It was nine o’clock on a late Winter’s morning at Mikelle’s condo on Clarkson Street in the heart of Denver. Sunlight filtered through slatted mini-blinds as the sun struggled to rise above clouds hugging the horizon. The smell of fresh coffee filled the living room.  Taylor sat on the couch, still in her pajamas, legs curled up under a cozy blanket, a cup of hot coffee topped with peppermint mocha creamer warmed her hands.

Mikelle, dressed in fleece jogging pants and jacket, her hair combed tight into a proper bun sidled up next to Taylor in her wheelchair. Taylor reached over to Mikelle touching her arm lightly and said with a smile, “Let me introduce you to the Gilmore Girls, my love.”

And, so the morning ritual of gathering around the Gilmore Girls began and had continued for over four years.  Each new “girl” who becomes part of the Mikelle’s community of support is inaugurated into the “Ritual of the Gilmore Girls.” 

Rituals are rational and beneficial according to Scientific American. “Rituals have the ability to impact our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.” In our case, rituals hedge against and inhibit the weight of inevitable loss felt when friends and trusted supports leave. Rituals deepen potentially superficial connections among team members by sharing a common language and experience.

Each of the characters in Gilmore Girls represents life phases, roles and the dilemmas faced by the women of Mikelle’s community.

Taylor and Mikelle could step inside Rory’s life and see parts of themselves in Rory’s big goals and high expectations. They could relate to her heartbreaks, the fun lively spirits of their mothers and the defining moments of parental disagreements.

Even, I fell into the ritual of Lorelai’s struggles as a single mother in search of a steady man, dreams of her own and the clash of generational wills.

Not long ago, Taylor announced while sipping coffee, “Did you know they are making a new Gilmore Girls movie?  I am so excited!”  A resurrection from reruns was in order and met with great anticipation, and a celebration was in order.

Hmmmm, a Gilmore Girl Party!  We would unite our diverse and varied team of strong women and strum our heart strings in rhythm with Stars Hollow once again. Hot pizza, crisp salads, and fresh but familiar storylines propelled us through a “Year in the Life” of the Gilmore Girls. After watching the “Winter” segment, we realized we once again could relate to the ladies through their grief and frustration for we had grown and changed just as they had.

To every time is a season. We will see what “Springs” up next.