Love The Locks You Rock!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


image3Mikelle, like any other woman, often feels the need for change. For her this could be a new purse, a pair of new sneakers, or the urge to dye her hair. When that urge begins to rear its head she is insistent. She will ask anyone and everyone daily to dye her hair and anyone who spends time with her knows that Mikelle is nothing if not persistent. She will continue asking until a date has been set. By the time a day is chosen to do her do’, she’s already bought the hair dye she wants to use, she’s already figured out the color (typically a fiery red), and she is beyond ready to get it done.

Much like her former roommate, Taylor, Mikelle loves mixing things up with a bright pop of dye. For four years, even long after Taylor moved out,  Mikelle and Taylor have bonded over this process. Mikelle has enjoyed laughing with Taylor over the ridiculous colors and styles Taylor has experimented with on her own hair. Taylor has equally enjoyed the excitement that only Mikelle can bring to a project. It’s become a ritual in the Shining Beautiful household.image1 (2)

Like most things that Mikelle puts her mind to doing, it gets done. The girls will dedicate a morning or an afternoon to this project. They’ll put on a movie, like Grease, or their favorite TV show, Gilmore Girls. Taylor breaks out all the towels and accessories needed. Mikelle picks out her spot in the living room and for 20 to 30 minutes there is silence broken only by occasional giggle. For another 20 minutes, while the dye sets, Taylor hovers around MIkelle to make sure there’s no dripping or accidental smears of dye. Mikelle does her best to be patient as she isn’t a fan of the cold dye clinging to her locks. When the timer finally dings the girls head to the bathroom to wash it out. Usually Taylor will blow dry Mikelle’s hair after washing, a special treat,  so that they can see right away the changes. Mikelle adores her fiery red hair, so dark you can barely tell the difference. It may not be a huge change but it’s enough to make her happy and to put a proverbial jaunt into her step.

image1 (3)Taylor too feels more confident when she’s just bleached or buzzed her mohawk. Both girls become a little more vivacious, a little more excited about daily life. What is this thrill that a new hairdo brings? Why is it that such a little thing brings to both these strong women a new sense of purpose and energy? Maybe it’s because the hair is one of the easiest physical changes to make. The ability to change it whenever we desire is empowering and freeing. It’s a form of self expression that is impermanent, easily altered or redone.

Whatever it is, these two girls love it and we love them for it! When Mikelle’s excitement rises it is infectious to all around her! So we would like to encourage every one of our friends to try something new today. Wear your hair in a new, bold style! Get that exciting cut you’ve been dreaming about! At the very least remember to love the locks you rock!