Couch Crushers

Couch Crushers

At the end of April we realized that some changes were going to be forthcoming this spring/summer. Changes in Mikelle’s schedule, her staff, and not least of al, her apartment. First on our list of Things To Do was buy a new couch. This brought a plethora of it’s own problems. First we had to pick out a couch that would be a bit more durable. Something that could take Mikelle’s style of wild driving. It also had to withstand the possibility of stains and animal fur, since Mikelle has three cats and a habit of sharing her coffee with the furniture. We found a nice couch that not only filled thouse requirements but was nice to look at too!

Before we could set it up or even bring it into the house we had to figure out how to get the old couch out. This old, battered and care worn couch was assembled in the house. There was no way we were carrying it out in one piece. Because of the wear and tear it would be no easy matter diassembling it either. So we called in a team of helpers to crush this baby down into pieces more easily removed.

Ian Harwick & Mikelle
Ian Harwick & Mikelle

On the morning of May 3rd, we all gathered together to get some work done. Our good friend Ian Harwick, Mikelle’s helpers Kara Teague and Taylor Mason, her mom Katherine, and her brother Kasey all were called to help make this happen. Ian handily brought a small saw to take to the couch. The girls took care of the cushioning and fabric and Kasey, who arrived late, was our entertainment.

It took us less than an hour to completely deconstruct this piece of furniture into bits of wood, foam, and fluff. We all had a great time, joking about Kasey’s late arrival and being managed by Mikelle herself. She’d zoom around us, pointing out pie20160503_103135ces we’d missed, laughing with us and generally having a great time. She tried her hand at holding the saw and she kindly held open the door for us as we ferried pieces down to the dumpster.

Kasey, Mikelle, Ian, Taylor, & Kara


After it was all said and done we had some decent clean up work ahead of us. Vacuuming and sweeping took over as Kasey finally arrived. Mikelle put on her Boss Face and gave him a ‘what’s what’ sort of speech while we finished. A great cheer rose up between us with an excited scream from Mikelle and we were finally done. There was room for the new couch and we’d gotten rid of a piece of furniture that had plagued our thoughts for several months.

We all gathered around for a group photo and celebration coffee. Mikelle was excited to have us all hang out for a bit. We chit chatted, caught up, and teased Kasey a little more. It was a wonderfully productive morning. We are so lucky to have such a great support group for Mikelle. They all showed up on fairly short notice to help out with something that may seem small to them but was very important for Mikelle. With the help of her good friends we made a small difference in her life. We at Shining Beautiful extend our thanks and our love for them!

The new couch!

We hope that you too have the kind of support that MIkelle treasures. It truly makes a difference in her everyday life. And it goes to show you that small acts can go a long way towards making someone’s day a little brighter, a little happier, a little more Beautiful.