Bracelet Bloom


By Katherine Carol and Taylor Mason

As the seasons transition from Winter to Spring there is a renewed sense of energy. Energy in the air, in the city, and in Mikelle. With the warmer weather she has been able to be outside more, to spend time in coffee shops and at the park with her girls. These opportunities to be out in the warm air and sunshine have brought a new skip to Mikelle’s proverbial step!

Every day before she gets ready to go out she makes sure she has her purse, her coffee, her money for Starbucks, and lately, a few business cards and bracelets. She has caught the spring time selling bug! Everywhere she goes she has a couple of bracelets and an entrepreneurial spirit that is hard to ignore. She is ready to sell a bracelet in the grocery store, in the bank, at the wheelchair repair shop, even walking in the park!

If you’ve been keeping up with the Shining Beautiful Blog then you’ll know that Mikelle hosted a Bracelet Selling Party not too long ago. This party worked incredibly well for her! Her friends showed up and they brought their friends and their friends’ friends. Her case manager, Jessica, even showed and bought a bracelet or two! The success of this party really launched Mikelle’s drive to sell more, make more, and inspire more! She has nonstop asked us to help her get her bracelets made and explain her story to potential customers where ever we go.

Mikelle’s support system, her family, friends and care providers are more than happy to help her plan out events like the Bracelet Party. They are excited to see Mikelle’s passion return with the warm weather. As a part of her team, there is a requirement to be outspoken on Mikelle’s behalf, to encourage her to speak out and tell people her story. Like any good saleswoman she sells herself as well as her product and she’s really good at it. Our goal is to encourage her to sell her bracelets to a shop like Pandora, or a local jewelry store.

With the help and support of her friends, her tech support team (who have really taken to this sales initiative), and family, Mikelle will be as successful as she wants to be. Keep your eyes open for an announcement about our next Bracelet Party and help Mikelle reach her goals!