Bronco’s and Brothers

kasey and mikelle


It is nice growing up with someone like you—someone to lean on, someone to count on…someone to tell on! ~Author Unknown

And, tell on Kasey, Mikelle did! And, on rare occasions, Kasey would out Mikelle. The most memorable is when he told me she was flipping the finger at him.  I said, “No way.” However, he was right. It wasn’t her middle finger, but It might as have been.

Many years have passed since they were young siblings. After high school graduation, Kasey moved to New York City, got married, moved to California, and became a dad to his son, Jack.

Mikelle graduated from East High School like Kasey, started her own business, bought her condo and every football season, the two would call and text each other during each Bronco game.

Sixteen years later, Kasey moved back to Denver.  Every Sunday, Kasey and Mikelle sit side by side, groaning over a dropped pass or worse, an interception. They fist the passes caught and their cheers when the Bronco’s reach the end zone can be heard down the street.

The bonds of childhood run deep. Time and distance stretch those bonds but in these siblings snapped back into the special place only known by siblings.

At the time of this posting, the Broncos are on the winning side with a 9-2 record.  Last night’s game with the Patriots sliding around on a snow-covered field was one of the sweetest of the year.