Your Are Invited! 2015 Families at the Forefront of Technology

Will we see you at the Viceroy Hotel?

We hope so!

Mikelle and I are thrilled to be one of the founding Families at the Forefront of Technology. This last October, #FFTCON held our first conference. It has been a incredible adventure, one that is having an impact on our native state of Colorado and across the nation.

We acknowledge a conference won’t change the world, but it can foster a greater discussion on technology access for people with disabilities.

Leading the discussion at this interactive, feel-good grassroots event is our kickoff speaker.
The Honorable Colorado State Representative Millie Hamner, D-District 61 Upcoming Co-Chair of the Colorado Legislature’s Joint Budget Committee



Jess Hemerly, Government Affairs Manager, Google. Jess covers transparency and accessibility for Google’s public policy strategy team. She leads work on Google’s Transparency Report and Take Action campaigns. Jess also has worked as a researcher and editor at Palo Alto’s Institute for the Future, on the publishing side of several major publications including National Journal, and as a freelance music and culture critic.


Brooke Olson, Recently named #3 on 30 Most Innovative People in Autism Spectrum Disorder Research List is the president and co-founder of iTaalk Autism Foundation.

And, he is back. Our special guest from last year. You will want to know the latest updates on this amazing technology. We aren’t allowed to share the company he represents. If you have used a tablet or a smart phone recently you are familiar with this technology!

Marsha Threlkeld and Susan Harrell from WiSe spoke with Microsoft's ...Marsha Threlkeld is a consultant, trainer, and presenter working in Employment First, Handheld Technology for Supports in the Workplace, and School-to-Work. She promotes the use of iOS devices to promote independence, communication, and inclusion in the workplace, and has created iPad Learning Cohorts of Professionals and Advocates making better use of handheld technology in work and community supports.


As you can see, we have an amazing line up!  Come join us at to register. Hope to see you there!

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