Meet Our New Roommate



A little hope is all you need.  Just go down to Hope Tank and get it. Or, maybe in our case, hope will answer a craigslist ad.

Meet Michelle Nalyanya. Michelle attends Metro State College and majors in Broadcasting and Production. Her minor is in marketing. Funny, Mikelle has a business that could use a little help from a friend.  She works part-time for a store that makes a difference in our community.  Hope Tank is located on trendy SOBO or as it has been known for decades as South Broadway.  Everything sold at the store supports a different charity.  Michelle loves working there because she meets people from all over Denver who care and contribute.  We like it because, it sent Michelle our way.

We could tell Michelle was in as soon as Mikelle whipped out her photo album, turned on her iPad and told her stories.  One call to her boss at Hope Tank saying, “Michelle was amazing!” and “She couldn’t imagine running the store without her:” The deal was sealed and Michelle officially moved in on June 1st.

In her own words:

“I haven’t always been the luckiest person, but this June I believe my luck has changed for the better. Being granted the opportunity to be Mikelle’s roommate has been fun, crazy, testing and enjoyable. 

Mikelle is definitely the strongest person I have ever met. After living with her for awhile, I think we have finally grown a great deal closer.  At first, I didn’t think my relationship with Mikelle would ever be as great as the one she shares with Taylor.  But, I have learned that even if our relationship is nothing like what they share, it has become something special.

From after dinner adventures, deciding to wear or not wear a sweater in the summer heat or dancing to “I Like Big Butts” while getting ready for bed, we have fun.

Mikelle inspires me to be more creative and has taught me to more patient and a tad bit less rowdy.  She teaches me something new everyday.  I hope I inspire her in return at least one-third as much as she inspires me. 

At the moment, I am about the luckiest person, if not on earth, in Downtown Denver.”

Hope, luck and Michelle have made Mikelle very happy.   She has her girls!

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