A Day With Ms Mikelle

A Day With  Ms Mikelle

Mikelle & The Boys

There are lots of things that Mikelle loves to do each day. She’s famous among her friends and family for insisting on getting her Starbucks frappe daily and for occasionally sneaking out of the apartment to hit the grocery store alone. She loves shopping for purses for herself and stuffed animals to give to friends. She also loves to go for long drives while she eats her lunches. There are plenty of activities to do when you’re hanging with Ms. Mikelle.

Most of the daily activities she helps with are home-based. Things like laundry, dishes, getting the coffee-maker ready, and tidying up are always in need of doing. Mikelle participates in these activities in her own way. She reminds you when the laundry needs to be switched from washer to dryer, that the coffee-maker needs refreshing, or that her table is a mess and needs reorganizing. Mikelle’s also great at helping you get ready to go out and about. She’ll remind you that her iPad needs to be packed, a spare cup for that unavoidable Starbucks, or she’ll help you make a list for the store. Always trying to help, Mikelle likes to get things done her way (which is usually right now.)

She has her daily morning rituals. It begins with coffee, followed by breakfast, while we watch Gilmore Girls, and get laundry started. The rest of the day is anyone’s guess. The afternoons really depend on if the van is in working order or not. It’s an older vehicle and so it needs a little extra loving these days. If the van is a no-go then we’ll be walking that day. Walking to the grocery store or walking to the nearest Starbucks. It helps that she lives fairly close to both of these places. If those trips have already been accomplished there’s plenty more to do. Maybe you’ll take lunch down to the pool and soak up some rays while Mikelle tells you about her family (and inevitably Jerome). Perhaps you two will make some new bracelets for her to sell for coffee money, Mikelle always helps pick out bead patterns. You may even just have a relaxed time inside, watching some of Mikelle’s favorite movies, like “Bring It On.”

If the van is available then the world is your oyster! Mikelle loves to go out for meals. She may not eat at the restaurant with you but she enjoys sitting and chatting like any other girl friend. Take her to a new coffee shop, she’ll insist that you still get a Starbucks but it’s a great place for her to network or sell some bracelets. Take a long drive, explore a little bit of Colorado with Mikelle and discover somewhere new. Meet up with the family, Mikelle loves to hang out with her friends’ families or her own. If it’s a hot summers day then she’ll probably want to go grab an ice cream with Grandma or hang at the park with her nephew Jack. There’s always somewhere to go and someone to see.

Mikelle is a wonderful person to spend time with. She’s quick to smile, quicker to laugh and she’s a good friend. If ever you get a chance to hang with her then take it. You’d be surprised how much fun a day with Mikelle can be!