The Frustration of an Unanswered Prayer



I sent the Universe a request. I prayed for the perfect roommate to once again grace our home with the similar qualities Taylor, Kari, Lauren, Adriana and Susi shared with us during their time with Mikelle and me. Qualities like compassion, respect, fun, creative, laugh out loud zaniness.  Life is often serious, terribly bureaucratic and repetitive; the sweet taste of love and laugher adds a kick to the basics of caregiving and living with a disability.

So far, we have only heard from women and men who seem desperate for housing, but not from anyone who is interested in really making a difference in Mikelle’s life.

I am beginning to doubt Craigslist. I have known for some time that Craigslist has a shady side. At the same time, I have gained great gems of friendship and love hidden amongst the muck of personal ads, mediocre jobs and garage sale items. We felt we had proof that it worked. Yet, it has been two months since we started looking for a new roommate; frankly, there hasn’t been a decent response to our usually quite effective ad.

I am feeling the pressure to try some different avenues. I think it is time to try flyers at the college campus, put more passion in the prayer and assume, with great satisfaction, that all is in good order. The right woman will find her way to us and we will find our way to her. It is all about the partnerships, not free rent.

Will keep you posted…a bit of a pun…

Postscript…interview this week looks promising.