Free Room and Board/Mother’s Helper

Furnished Bedroom

Free Rent/Board In Exchange for Part-time Support

Would you like to make a difference and live in Capital Hill one of Denver’s best neighborhoods?

We are looking for a live-in mother’s helper to provide part time, flexible support for a woman with a disability assisting her mother in providing support to this young, dynamic and on-the-go woman.

Typical responsibilities would include some meal preparation, housekeeping, and personal care, assistance in dressing and companionship for the young woman.

Current roommate Taylor
Current roommate Taylor

Your responsibilities would be shared the mother and other caregivers who come in throughout the day and evening. While caregiving is part of being a roommate/live-in, other responsibilities include going to the grocery store, hanging out and going for coffee to meet up with friends and supporting this young woman in living and working in her community.

If this ad interests you, we are looking for a young woman who is compassionate, caring, and understand the importance of supportive living. The position would be perfect for students or part-time professionals.

Live in a hip, downtown location near public transportation, coffee shops and restaurants. We have a great gym, free wi-fi and in the summer, a beautiful outdoor pool.

Former roommate and current bestie Lauren
Former roommate and current bestie Lauren

Be a part of something special. You will make a positive difference in our home and in our community.

Hours required for room and board are 20 hours per week. Additional hours are available for additional pay.

The original roommate Kari!
The original roommate Kari!

If you are drawn to this ad, willing to make a six month or longer commitment and are responsible, tidy, relaxed and loads of fun, we look forward to hearing from you. (Our current roommate/helper has been with us for 18months.)

To submit for this room/position please email us at – – interviews will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.

To learn more about Ms.Mikelle click around her blog (this website) and see all the amazing things she has accomplished and how important her roommates have been in her life and in theirs.