Part One, Conversation with Viki King

It was a late spring day, the snow was wet and heavy. A perfect day to stay home. The phone rang, I answered.

Hey, I need you to do something for me. I rolled my eyes, holding my warm cup of coffee closer to me.

I need you to go to a workshop I am putting on today. The weather sucks, I need to make sure I have I enough butts in the seat. It’s free and lunch is included.

What kind of workshop? I inquired.

A screenwriting workshop. I flew in this author to talk about screenwriting from California and with the weather, I am sure I will have no shows.

Really? I am writing a memoir, not a screenplay.

My colleague has her way of convincing me to go.

I left my warm home, wiping a wet layer of thick snow off my windshield and headed to the workshop.

My colleague was right, I needed to be there. However, what neither of us understood was why I needed to be there.

The day was transformative. And, you will see why when you watch the first in our series Conversation with Viki King Videos.

From Viki, I learned my true story and the power of it to transform my life, my world and get the necessary resources for my daughter, Mikelle.

Viki and I both want you to tell your best story, because it is important.

Ask yourself, is my story powerful enough to get what I want? Am I telling the same story expecting to get different results? How do I know what my true story is? And, where do I start.

In this series of interviews you will gain a deeper understanding of where to begin, how to engage your listeners and readers, get them to take action and help you on your journey as a parent of a special needs child or as an individual with special needs.

Enjoy the first in our series, Conversation with Viki King.

Want to learn more?

Read Viki’s book, How to Write a Movie in 21 Days and my book, The Tango of Authoring and Publishing.