Mikelle Shows Us All to Set Goals

set goalsWhy put on running shoes and hustle out the door AGAIN today? I mean seriously, I ran yesterday, I should be off the hook for today! Well, that means I sit down at the computer for hours on end to work on more career skills, which also does not sound appealing. Maybe I’ll grab the remote and see what’s on TV instead. Why not?

If so, like me, you need to set goals. Without a goal, there is no specific reason to walk out the door and push yourself harder than the day before.

Is Happiness Enough? Nope.

I run for fun. I like to be good at anything I do (who doesn’t?!), but I walk out the door because:

  1. I feel good while I’m pounding the pavement out there, just me and my running shoes.
  2. My dog likes running more than bacon, chasing squirrels or napping.
  3. I am happier, more confident and in a better mood after a run. Aren’t you?

All of those reasons should easily give enough motivation to run every single day, right? Wrong. Happy me and happy dog is not enough for me nor for you because “happiness” is difficult to define as a goal. I run because it makes me happy, but I need to feel tangible accomplishment along the way to stay motivated. If running is not your thing, think about a course you want to complete, like Michael Masterson’s expert copywriting program. “Being better at writing” is not a goal, but “completing this course I signed up for” definitely counts.

Why You Need Goals

setting goals runningTHAT is why you need to set an achievable goal. My latest goal is to run a sub-7 min per mile 5k. That goal time will be hard as f*)@(#%* for me. Every person’s reason to walk out the door, or sit down for another hour of work after a long day, or whatever your goal relates to, you have to have one. Running a sub-7 minute per mile 5k will not change my life, but staying fit as I get in to my thirties (I’m at the teetering last weeks of my twenties, and being incredibly overdramatic about it) by setting goals and staying active absolutely will have a long term impact.

Thought You Had An Excuse? Think Again

This is why Mikelle sets goals, too. Mikelle’s ability to set goals, announce them, and shoot HARD for them attracts her community to her. She appeals to people not only because of her witty, upbeat personality, but also as a result of her perseverance to continue living life to the fullest. As a wheelchair-bound CP adult, Mikelle could easily choose to sit in front of a tv all day, and nobody would criticise her for it. If you thought you had an excuse to not achieve your goals, Mikelle just squashed it leading by example. Setting goals led Mikelle to:

  1. own her own home
  2. live independently (as a reminder, this is the same girl who requires assistance to use the restroom or eat – how lame does your excuse sound now?!)
  3. write a book – grab it off iTunes or Kindle
  4. have a boyfriend

…and many more. Next time you consider making excuses to avoid setting goals to make an impact, think of Mikelle, throw on your running shoes, and get your butt back in action!

Featured Image Credit: Connections Academy