Headphones Just Went Social

Finally, a smart device for the music (or should I say muzik) industry!

social smart headphones

The music industry has just become more connected with social media – this one finally taking an innovative approach. Instead of trying to reinvent MySpace (good luck Justin) or create yet another half-hearted socially connected software with iTunes making a lame attempt to go social (fail, round 3 now), why not do a better job connecting people on existing social networks to share their music preferences? More importantly, these headphones open up opportunities to share music and stay connected with a few simple buttons that make it easier for people with limited mobility, like our very own Mikelle Learned.

Spotify hit the nail on the head connecting people through their existing favorite social network Facebook (with a mere BILLION users) to Spotify. I don’t know about you, but I hear about Spotify’s rapid growth all the time and see Facebook updates showing my friends music choices more and more. The point is, why reinvent a new social channel when you can align your product with one that is already successful? It may be easy for the tech industry to dream up and throw out new social media platforms daily, but it’s not so easy for all of us to learn them all.

Muzik took the same approach through headphones, making headphones capable of posting your music and preferences to Facebook and Twitter. Muzik headphones stream through both Spotify and Rdio, two popular free music services with mobile apps. Sounds a bit odd, right? Give it a minute to sink in before you judge. Here is a cool video on the social headphones.

Now, we just need to wait a few years for these headphones to hit mainstream so we can watch their hefty $300 price tag come down, and make them affordable for Mikelle and her community too! Or, maybe Muzik will notice our post and let Mikelle try out a pair for free and blog about her experience, how cool would that be (gotta give it a shot, Muzik)?!

Here are a few features of these headphones what get us excited for their upcoming launch:

  • Wireless – No messy wires for us to get tangled in, these use Bluetooth. Score.
  • High Quality – For a new product, Muzik did music quality RIGHT with smart headphones that deliver pretty awesome sound quality.
  • Connected – Let’s anyone stay connected through mainstream social media platforms with a few easy buttons, much easier than opening and navigating smartphone apps.

The headphones have not launched yet, look to see them hit shelves in the next month or two.

Image Credit: MuzikOfficial via Instagram