A Very Happy New Year To You

A Very Happy New Year

After all the food has been eaten, parties have been partied and resolutions have been made it is finally time to step back and take a breather. The holidays are stressful, there’s no doubt, but they also bring a certain cheer to all who celebrate. We here at Shining Beautiful wish to extend the hand of holiday cheer to you this new year. We want to keep the spirit alive through 2014.

If you celebrated this season with a loved one who has a disability than you know the challenges that seem to crop up at every corner. Keeping your loved one happy and healthy during this time seems to be twice as hard as usual. Just remember, during all this work, to take time to make sure YOU are also happy and healthy. Indulge in the good things and let the small issues just float on by. You too can stay sane and cheerful if you remember that it’s a temporary time of year and before you know it you’ll be longing for it to come again.

If you spent some part of the holidays ill, like our roomie Taylor who spent Christmas with the stomach flu, we wish you a healthier new year. Don’t worry if you had to miss out on something because of sickness. Like the weather, you can’t control when and how you’ll be sick. Missing out on memories can be difficult but there will be other chances and other days, seize them when you can!

Finally, here’s our hopes for you! May you have happy times, good friends, and success in your goals this year. Make it the best year it can possibly be and always remember to Shine Beautifully!

With love,


Mikelle Learned, Katherine Carol and Taylor Mason.