5 Steps to Self-Determination Success



Many families, people with disabilities and providers seek the simple formula for successful self-determination. We have group action plans (GAP Plans), person centered approaches, individual educational plans (IEP) and various other strategies. The search for success is innate in the human experience.  We would rather follow a tried and true formula than invent one for ourselves in our search to make more money, find life balance, improve a fitness goal or simply become a better shopper.

Based on our own trial and error and extensive research, here it is our basic success formula at Shining Beautiful:

1. Discover what you want.
2. Tell people what you want and desire—then tell some more.
3. Attempt to make your wants and desires real.

You are almost there!

4. Observe the process.  Watch, listen and reflect on your experiences.
5.  Make necessary changes and repeat the above steps.


You must try and most likely will fail on occasion. But, you must try again. You get smarter, wiser and stronger with each attempt. Stay encouraged by your commitment to your goal. It will happen or something better will replace it.

The path looks daunting at times.  You may not feel you are ready or even know what you think is possible. But, you won’t know until you take the first step, even if going uphill.  One step leads to another and if you keep moving you may find some delightful moments along the way.