Life with Mikelle…The Battle of the Wheelchairs

By Taylor Mason

Mikelle Learned and Taylor Mason


Every day, multiple times throughout the day, Mikelle Learned makes the choice to switch from her power wheelchair to her manual wheelchair. We here at the Shining Beautiful all have different theories as to why she sometimes feels more comfortable in her manual chair but we all agree that when it really comes down to it, it’s an issue of control.

We all desire a certain amount of control over our lives in what we eat, where we go, who we see and Mikelle is no different. In her power chair she can go when and where she pleases (mostly) and she does. In her power chair she is independent and in control of her life’s direction.

Chillin’ by the Poudre River in my manual wheelchair covered in love.

However Mikelle’s power chair does present some cons despite the pros. For example it is stronger than the people around her, when she rushes forward to greet someone it can be difficult to avoid running over toes or pushing someone into a wall. Though Mikelle would never intentionally smoosh some toes her chair is a machine without sensitivity to our soft feet.   

It never lasts long because Mikelle is who she is and she is a fiery, independent young woman. Before you know it she’s back in her power chair zooming around at top speed, living live to the fullest until it’s time for another break.