Texting With Words For Life And Text Plus App

What once looked like an expensive blank slate, void of the traditional programs typically loaded on desktop and laptop computers; Mikelle’s iPad has become populated with effective and inexpensive applications. After a somewhat lengthy discovery process, we have found two applications, which Brian Simms, her speech and language therapist, helped Mikelle learn to use. They have become her favorites with the exception of Netflix, which facilitates her on-going obsession with the TV series, Glee.

The two applications (apps) are Life with Words and Text Plus. Life with Words is the application from Prentke Roemich and offers a duplicate communication system, including her customized language stored in her augmentative communication device, ECO.

Now, with Brian’s assistance, Mikelle can access the Life with Words app, construct her sentences, copy and paste them into the Text Plus app then send it on to her anyone on her contact list, which enables her to check on when her support team is coming, stay in touch with friends and cheer on the Denver Bronco’s with her brother, Kasey.

In the past, she would labor over her cell phone sending one or two word texts, this combination saves her time and effort.  Most importantly, the blank iPad is now filed with life and has become the favorite device.