iPad Accessories–The Otterbox Latch.

Brian Simms, Mikelle Learned and Otter Latch for iPad

We love the iPad for augmenting Mikelle’s communication and entertainment needs. But, we had a problem.  Mikelle wasn’t using it as effectively as we thought she could.

After scratching our head, exploring simple, cheap ideas for stabilizing an iPad on a wheelchair tray and looking at expensive devices specially designed for the special needs market, we settled in on a relatively simple, reasonably priced solution for improving Mikelle’s access to her iPad.

Brian Simms, Mikelle’s assistive technology guru, found this simple, yet affordable iPad accessory Otterbox Latch.

Now, Mikelle doesn’t leave the house without her iPad, she uses it for communication and for entertainment.  We will keep you posted with this new series of easy access solutions for assistive technology.

As you can see, we are using the iPad to video Mikelle in action!