The Gift of Great Friendship with Denver’s cbs4’s, Dominic Garcia

Watch out! Here comes Mikelle!


CBS 4’s Dominic Garcia

No matter the setting, this woman knows how to make an entrance. I remember the first time I met her, it was back in 2005 at Rocky Mountain Village and I was brand new. She came speeding into the room and was immediately the life of the party…everyone knew who Mikelle was. Maybe it was the candy she dished out, but the two of us hit it off immediately. It’s a relationship I’ve cherished ever since.

Many people I met at Rocky Mountain Village have overcome adversity and to see what Mikelle has accomplished is truly amazing. She is an entrepreneur, mentor, author, and professional speaker. It’s also been inspiring to hear about her advocacy for others with disabilities. She has  a resume that’s the envy of many and one I’m sure will grow. Every time I meet up with Mikelle she has a story about her newest adventure and I’m always amazed.

Mikelle has been a blessing in my life, showing me there should never be anything that holds you back. I’ve said, “I can’t”, a lot less these days and part of that is because of Mikelle’s story. One thing about her that fascinates me is how she communicates. She is a whiz when it comes to using her computer to communicate, and how she is able to remember all those commands is beyond me. There’s her computer, but then there’s Mikelle. The warmth of her personality, her smile, it’s all you need to communicate with her and know how she’s feeling. She’s used her determination to learn her computer, but even without it she’d be fine.

I look at my life and think I’ve done pretty well. College and a career were my goal and I’ve done that. But I look at what Mikelle has done and know I can do more. What’s next? How can I make myself better? Questions I need to ask myself every day. Thanks Mikelle. Thanks for inspiring me.

What’s next for her? It’s hard to think of many things she hasn’t done. I do know Mikelle will continue to change people’s lives.

Watch out! Here comes Mikelle…..I can’t wait to see where she’s going.

Dominic Garcia