What if You Could—See What We Hear? 21st Century solutions for people who experience hearing loss.

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Sally Richards

Media Marketing Consultant

20/20 Captioning and Reporting



Imagine for a moment, the soft sounds from the hum of car, hoo hoo from a morning dove, crinkle-crinkle of leaves and splish-splash walking through a puddle. . Sounds are often taken for granted when one is in harmony with a world rich in sound.

Now imagine a profound silence.

When you have a hearing loss, tones rush around you leaving you feeling anxious. You are wondering what is going on or being said that you are missing.

Yes, I’m speaking about being deaf where people talk in front of you and the popular question, “Can you read my lips?” is always asked. The answer is  99% of the time but, elusive understandings are often followed by scattered words in broken sentences.

Now, picture an “a-ha” moment. Imagine, words swiftly flow across a computer screen, sound visually resonates and now, you have clarity of understanding!   The love of knowing what’s transpiring in front of you–is awesome and empowering.

How does this happen?

The words across the screen are called Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), and this can be found with Jeanette Christian at 20/20 Captioning & Reporting https://www.2020captioning.com/. She’s provided me with many a-ha moments for almost a decade. If you know of folks with a hearing loss she’s a fantastic resource and her number is (866) 554-2099 or visit www.20/20Captioning.com