Broncos and Boys, Celebrating Friendship Part 2

Well, the Part 2 didn’t go as planned. The Denver Broncos changed the time of training camp from afternoon to morning practice due to the threat of thunderous storms tumbling over the Rocky Mountains.  Bummer.

Disappointed by not deterred.

Mikelle, Ian, Jerome and I were set to go. Her boys were ready to watch Peyton Manning throw the ball, find his favorite receiver and listen to all the trash talk on the practice field.  Mikelle had her mind set on scoring more autographs, enough to make her brother, Kasey, who lives in Southern California very jealous.  She wondered if she could entice d Coach Fox once again come over to greet her, sign another autograph on his sports cap.  Our well designed game plan failed. Bummer.

We thought about calling the afternoon a loss, even for a minute considered canceling the outing–even through Mikelle and Jerome had their Bronco shirts proudly worn.  Instead, we regrouped, recommitted  to a new game plan.  We were here to celebrate football and have fun!

With Mikelle, every celebration starts off with Starbucks.  We loaded the van, picked up Jerome and Mikelle ordered her favorite frappacino drink.  Under the umbrella on the patio, we caught up, debated Tim Tebow’s departure, Peyton Manning’s health.  Realizing coffee would not be enough fun, we loaded up and found ourselves at the Old Chicago sharing a couple of plates of hot wings accompanied with cold drinks.

Our new game plan  suspiciously looked like our old one minus Dove Valley and the practice field.  Our mission was fun and that was what we were having.

Score a win for hanging out with cute guys talking about the promise of a new season out on the gridiron.