How to Hold Your Balance in Chaos

Balance.  It seems like we are constantly search to find our life balance in these turbulent, often violent and a chaotic times.

In my last blog, I wrote power is found in both the lead and follow of life and dance. Power also comes from balance. As we overload our lives with distraction, to-do lists and scattered our scattered selves (link to prior blog), balance feels fleeting.

Even in the quick bursts of rapid change—much like the rapid dramatic moves of Tango, we need to be balanced.  Balance equals power.

Balance comes from your core and emanates outward to into quick, often precise action—think Tango moves here. A solid core, a strong frame allows for a strong lead or a quick response.

But what happens when your core is soft and your frame is loose?  How do you find your balance when life throws you to the ground—dazed, embarrassed and unsettled?
You get attitude.  You fake it until you make it. You get up off the ground with as much flare as you can muster and find the granule of strength that resides deep within you that says you deserve more and will have more.

Then you get strong.  You take the necessary steps to build core strength and develop a strong frame of reference for life and you find your focus.

Remember, judgment comes from getting off balance, learning comes from finding it.
In today’s transforming world our strength comes from engaging the energy of our passion, finding our balance, keeping our feet under us and moving from our core.

It also takes practice, practice and more practice to get good at it. Practice takes patience and commitment and as I have said in the past a willingness to step into our own awkward unknown.

Elegance and grace in the midst of chaos and turbulence takes calm, persistent passion.
Seven steps for finding balance.

  1. Boldness
  2. Authenticity
  3. Love
  4. Action
  5. Non-judgment
  6. Calm
  7. Energy

Calmness in Chaos…Turbulence in Stagnation…