Mikelle and I feel compelled to write about life with a disability, not just the challenges but the opportunities, the friendships, the innovations, and the brilliance of our communities in action as we share our everyday life living with a disability. With a little more information, motivation, we hope to share how our life is shining beautiful and maybe help you to shine beautiful, too.

Bronco’s and Boys, Part 1

It is set.  Next week we are heading off to Bronco Training Camp.  Ian, Mikelle and me.  Last year it was Tim Tebow, this year

Community in Action and Celebration

In a bone-dry park in the middle of Denver, Colorado—friends gathered for a celebration.   Cool people came on this hot, record breaking summer day.  The

Recipe for the Perfect Cherry Pie

By Katherine Carol Take two twenty “somethings” dressed like early summer, one gliding gracefully, looking like a modern Renaissance painting, long, lightly seasoned red hair,

How to Hold Your Balance in Chaos

Balance.  It seems like we are constantly search to find our life balance in these turbulent, often violent and a chaotic times. In my last

Friends who Become Family

Two guys. One a barista, the other the boyfriend of my daughter, Mikelle’s roommate Lauren Lawton. Who says men don’t care? I say, men do