Mikelle and I feel compelled to write about life with a disability, not just the challenges but the opportunities, the friendships, the innovations, and the brilliance of our communities in action as we share our everyday life living with a disability. With a little more information, motivation, we hope to share how our life is shining beautiful and maybe help you to shine beautiful, too.

Welcome, Sunshine!

Why is it important to announce a new team member? For one thing, we love to share the sunshine in our lives! Take a look,

Clock In/Clock Out

Electronic Visit Verification is raging across the country. See how two families are dealing with it in Colorado.

Stitches in Time

To Mom on your 90th Birthday. Your life made mine and mine have shaped Mikelle’s and has sewn into the hearts of many to live

Saying Sayonara

Saying Goodbye to Liz… By Taylor Mason, Shining Beautiful Team Member When you work with an individual as unique as Mikelle Learned as long as

Writing an Ad that Works.

Writing an ad that attracts the right people to work with your family member who experiences a disability. Choosing a title, using keywords can both

Finding the Right Tech Fit

Hello! Have you heard?  The Shining Beautiful Series has a new podcast featuring technology and everyday life.  Every Tuesday we post a new episode with

Welcome to 2019

The Christmas tree is back in the box. Time to put out the welcome mat for 2019. Most of us are tired from all the

How is Employment First Down Under?

Here at Shining Beautiful, we advocate for employment for people with disabilities.  Mikelle has been working in some form or fashion since she was sixteen