Adventures in Grand Lake, CO

Grand Lake, CO Adventures

Grand Lake

Every year, when the winter snow melts and spring has given way to warmer days, we begin our summer adventures. Ms Mikelle loves getting out during the summers, she loves going for long drives and enjoying the scenery as we drive through mountains and cities alike. One of her favorite places to visit is the little mountain town of Grand Lake. Up, up, and up we drive. Through Winter Park and Granby alike. When at last we reach Grand Lake our first stop is the Grand Lake Lodge for some lunch.Katherine, Mikelle, & Taylor

Grand Lake Lodge ViewSitting up in the Grand Lake Lodge patio, sipping on coffee and enjoying the beautiful view, is relaxing for Mikelle. Especially when Mom & bestie Taylor are there to enjoy it with her! After lunch Mikelle wanders around the wheelchair accessible downtown. We wander past shops, restaurants, and finally down to the lake itself. Mikelle really enjoys the lake. Last summer we took her out on a boat tour of the lake. She was soothed by the gentle rocking and was invigorated by the wind blowing through her hair.

Afterwards we love to stop by the ice cream shop next to the docks for an icy treat. Mikelle is relaxed and in high spirits, Katherine is peaceful and happy, and Taylor is usually sunburnt and laughing. When the afternoon starts to wane we load up in the van and head up to Trail Ridge Road. Some years it’s foggy and still covered in hard packed snow. Other years it’s sunny and windy and we can take our time to enjoy the views. No matter what the weather is like we are always in awe of the natural beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park.


When finally we reach home, the girls are worn out but pleased with their mountain adventure. Though the trip may not go as smoothly as this every year (due to seizures and time limits), they still make it a point to actually go every summer. We have learned the importance of breaking away from the day to day mundane to refresh our spirits and our minds. This is especially important for Mikelle who depends on us to help her travel beyond the limits of her neighborhood. Day trips are easiest for us but we hope to be able to spend more than a day up in Grand Lake soon.Estes Park

Stay tuned for more mountain adventures with Shining Beautiful soon!